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About Our Software

Created in 2017 by a Residential Recovery House program (Good Shepherd Recovery House), this comprehensive business tool has been used, tested and modified every day since. The point of this software is to make it as easy, efficient and affordable as possible to keep track of all of the data we are required to report to our accrediting and authorizing agencies, as well as manage our finances, treatment plans, and market to prospects. No more paper or Excel based systems to manage. Keep everything at your finger tips, accessible on desktops, phones and laptops. ***HIPAA COMPLIANT***


  • Access ALL data from your program at will.
  • Create Treatment Plans and Progress Notes.
  • Choose from our existing reports or create unlimited custom reports.
  • Email reports in the body of an email, as a link to download or an attachment.
  • Automatically save reports as PDF to the client upload folder, download or print from browser.
  • Receive daily administrative emails with all records entered the previous day - reports, transactions, journals, medications, etc.
  • Receive weekly emails that show you Client Prospects so you can follow up with them. 

Tracking Finances

  • Our Transaction and Ledger systems allow you to monitor client charges as well as actual bank withdrawals and deposits.
  • Keep track of accounts payable and receivable and upload attachments to the transactions.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts (Operating Account and Client Bank Account) in the system and export the data for accounting purposes. 
  • Instantly view the program balance sheet and past and present client balances.
  • 1 Click review of all annual donations, donor contact information, and donation letters.
  • Bulk emailing, saving and printing of all annual donation letters.

Client Activity

  • Client Portal for Journals, Ledgers, Reports, Chores, Treatment Plan Notes, Tasks, Sign in and Out.
  • View Profile Photos showing who is Signed In and Signed Out on your dashboard.
  • Click their profile picture to see where they are/were, when they left and came back.
  • Clients can only sign in and out if they are on a device with an approved IP address. You manage IP Addresses.
  • View their daily journals regarding class work.
  • View their Treatment Plan progress notes.
  • Clients can complete online reports (passes, visitation, progress reports) that are emailed to staff upon submission.

Client and Staff Settings

  • Assign Staff individual access levels by table, contact type and menu privileges.
  • Assign Client and Staff a Location and filter data by Location
  • Track Contacts from Client Prospect to Closed Client Prospect or Client to Past Client.
  • Create Contact records for Lawyers, Supervising Officers and Emergency Contacts and connect them to a client.
  • View important client information at a glance.

Built In Communication Systems

  • Take Messages for Staff that are automatically sent via email and show up on their dashboard.
  • Clients and Staff can use our chat system to communicate with each other.
  • Our built in email system keeps a record of every email sent on behalf of a client.
  • Assign tasks that can show up on the calendar.
  • Assign chores that can be verified.
  • Contact Us Form inputs Client Prospect information from your web site.

Projects, Classes, Maintenance, etc.

  • Create Projects with Tasks.
  • Create Classes and upload curricula.
  • Create Maintenance items that show up on the calendar.
  • Client birthdays show on the Calendar
  • Admin settings to customize your software

HIPAA Compliance

  • Complete Data Encryption - All health data is encrypted while in the server and during transit. This includes data at rest in the file system, data moving from the application layer to the server layer or among server components. Encryption must ensure that a malicious party cannot bypass server controls and access information directly.
  • Proper Encryption Key Management - including keys, initialization vectors, and HMAC keys.
  • Unique User IDs - HIPAA requires unique user IDs for all users and prohibits the sharing of user login credentials.
  • Authentication - A server must securely authenticate users who will have access to PHI. 2-tier login with password and PIN. Password Strength is forced.
  • Authorization - The server must control access to PHI by the assignment of differing - and appropriate - roles and privileges to users.
  • Audit Logs - All data usage (user logins, reads, writes, and edits) must be logged in a separate infrastructure and archived according to HIPAA requirements. Generally, this means at least six years.
  • Server Backups - Must be created, tested and securely stored. All server backups must themselves be fully encrypted if they contain PHI. Note that, under current HIPAA Rules, data that has been properly encrypted does not trigger mandatory Breach Reporting if the data is stolen or compromised.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure - All HIPAA compliant servers must reside in a high-security infrastructure that is itself fully HIPAA compliant.
  • HIPAA-Trained Support Personnel - Technical support for issues involving PHI is provided by personnel trained on HIPAA.
  • Automatic Updates - Regular software upgrades to ensure that software is always running the latest and best tech available.
  • Data Disposal - Methods must be in place or available to ensure that data and media are disposed of securely when no longer needed. High-security file wiping, according to current NIST standards, is a must.
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) - These are a specific type of legal contract that must be in place between parties that use, transmit, receive, or exchange PHI. Developers note: BAAs must be in place between parties who share PHI before any PHI is received or shared.
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Setting Up Your Software


Once you have registered and confirmed your email address, you can try our Demo Software. All information you enter will be deleted hourly.

Pick a plan

Choose a monthly or an annual plan. There is no contract. Get one (1) month free when you pay annually. 

Create your database

You will submit to us the basic information about your business which we will then review and create your personalized database system.

Enter your data or Hire us to do it

  • If you already have information stored in a database or excel format, we can import your data for a one time fee of $250.00.  We will provide you with a template so you can help us connect your field names with ours.
  • Otherwise, you can just start entering your information manually, or
  • You can hire us to enter it for you for $15/hour.

Our Pricing Options

There are no hidden fees. No need to get a quote. Just a flat monthly fee for unlimited staff and client logins per Recovery House Program.

***If your Recovery House Program has multiple locations in different cities, each city requires a separate database.***

Monthly Plan



  • UNLIMITED Staff and Client Logins per city.
  • ALL Features included.
  • No Contract.
  • $5/day.
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Annual Plan
(save $150)



  • Get one (1) month FREE ($150 discount)
  • UNLIMITED Staff and Client logins per city.
  • ALL Features included.
  • No contract.
  • $4.52/day ($137.50/mo)
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What They Say About Our Software.

Our Mission

When we started our recovery house, we were a relatively small program. The only way we could open the program was because another ministry donated our facility. Then, the only way we could keep the program open was by volunteering our time, because we didn't want to be so expensive that people without insurance couldn't afford it. For us, this is a ministry, a calling.

We looked for software to run it. Most sites told us we had to ask for a quote. We knew what that meant - this is expensive and they didn't want anyone to know their pricing. Others charged by the login, which meant the price would change every time we added staff. We just wanted something affordable and stable. 

Luckily, I am a programmer by trade, so I took the structure from other software I had created and started building this program. Throughout the years, we would add features every time we needed something. Eventually, I found a co-programmer who would work with me to implement those features, because trying to program and run a recovery program and work a full time job was just a little much for me! After 4 years, our sister program went from a paper system to using this software. Since every program is different, we discovered the need for more features (like the Bulk Donation model for year end donation letters).

So after 5 years of use, testing and modifications, and investing a lot of time, energy and money into it, we are making this software available so that other programs like ourselves can afford the tools they need to be more efficient and effective. All of the proceeds from this software goes back into our recovery program, and we hire people in sales and support who are in recovery or work for a recovery program (to supplement their income).

Thank you for considering our software and supporting our efforts to help those in addiction become healed and build a beautiful life for themselves.

Penny Haynes, RPM Ministries Inc (https://rpmministries.com)